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Random Artwork
  » Apr 13, 2024  

Do you know that
Artists commonly use the Giclee printing processes to create high end limited edition reproductions of their original artwork. On a per-print basis, a Giclee print is more expensive than traditional methods used to create such replicas, but artists can print and sell each Giclee print individually matching demand making Giclee a very economical alternative for creating limited edition prints.

An added advantage of Giclee printing is that the artist can have complete control in all aspects of the image. Alterations, color, size, and what it is printed on can all be manipulated by the artist, along with the freedom for the artist to own and operate the printer as well. Giclee printing has been rapidly growing and becoming the number one choice of fine art reproductions. Many printer and print media manufacturers have been working to improve their product contributing tremendously to the increase in overall Giclee print quality.

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  Yuri Dvornik

Iouri Khamitov, nom de plume Yuri Dvornik, was born in 1947 in Vladikavkaz City, Russia. He attended the Moscow School of Art to study painting and art restoration. He worked as a restorer for a time "giving new life to old paintings". He also trained as an architectural designer. Dvornik's paintings are realistic in style and yet idealist in subject matter. There is no political struggle or turmoil illustrated in these paintings, only the serene streets themselves.

In 1976, he became a member of the Union of Russian Artists, the famed Soviet sponsorship that was highly sought after during the Soviet rule. Because of his opposition to the political system of the Soviet Union at the time, the KGB cancelled his membership and he was forced into artistic seclusion for 16 years. He was unable to show his paintings in any of the sponsored exhibitions.

To help support himself through this hardship he became a street cleaner in the streets of Moscow. He continued to paint, using the new found pen name Dvornik, which in Russia means street cleaner. He used his experience as a street worker to create his new style and subject matter. The sunwashed streets, with charming doorways, arches, restaurant fronts, and murals depicted in his work invite the viewer to place themselves among those visually stimulating streets. He turned his own misfortune into a beautiful urban landscape, using the unfortunate circumstances of his own life as inspiration for his paintings. He recreated himself while at the same time recreating his city in the eyes of its masses.

Dvornik's paintings are realistic in style and yet idealist in subject matter. There is no political struggle or turmoil illustrated in these paintings, only the serene streets themselves. Through the cleansing of his canvases and his identity, Dvornik's career began anew. He started selling his paintings and organizing shows in Izmalov Park. As perestroyka set in Dvornik became more involved with promoting shows to benefit the victims of Chernobyl and handicapped children throughout Russia. He has since had exhibitions of his work throughout Europe and in Greece.

Since his arrival in the United States, Gallery Revel has sponsored this outstanding artist. This exposure has fostered the creation of an international private collector base. Dvornik has had two solo shows in New York at Gallery Revel since 1993, the first in 1996 and then in 1999. Both shows were well received by his ever growing audience.

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