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  » Jun 25, 2024  

Do you know that
Giclee is a term invented for the procedure of creating fine art prints through a digital supplier using inkjet printing. The word “Giclee”, which is based on the French word “gicleur” meaning “nozzle”, was originated by a printmaker named Jack Duganne.

It was created to represent inkjet based digital prints that were used as fine art and to distinguish the customary industrial “Iris proofs” from the fine art prints produced on those same kind of printers. Originally alotted for fine art prints produced on Iris printers with an operation invented early in the 1990’s, the term “Giclee” has since stood for any top quality inkjet print.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Giclée?
The word 'Giclée' is associated with:
1) fine art reproduction PROCESS
2) the product of the process which is PRINT.
Giclee PRINT is a superior museum quality reproduction which became most popular in the past decade.

What is the advantage of Giclée Prints comparing to other fine art reproduction techniques?
Giclée printers use archival inks which make the archival properties of giclées much higher than lithography or silkscreen prints. Special inks we use in our printers have a light fastness rating up to 200 years. In most cases Giclees are going to last longer then oil, acrylic and other medium originals. Visual giclees are also some times better then originals.

Are the all the prints smudge-proof, waterproof?
Yes, they are, coated or not. UV protective coating/varnishes add more durability. Watercolor paper prints are more resistant to smudge and water damage then watercolor painting. Framing behind glass is still highly recommended.

How long are my prints are going to last?
Under normal lighting conditions, our inks will not show noticeable fading for at least 200 years. Although it is recommended by ink and media manufacturers that prints must not be exposed to direct sunlight. If you handle giclee as any original artwork then it will last longer then an original artwork.

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