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Random Artwork
  » Jun 23, 2024  


After playing a pivotal role in the global Judaica art scane for over 40 years,the Alexander Gallery closed its dors.But the Gallery still continue to sell the art collection online at big discounts.My frends and customers can visit my website an chose or order any painting in incredibly low prices.

Any You offer will be considered.


Email: alexander.gallery74@gmail.com

Web:  AlexanderGallery.biz
Our business hours are:
Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm EST

It is also possible to make an appointmenton any other day by calling:718-972-2306




Alexander Gallery is a mini Judaic museum, boasting top-quality oil paintings on themes drawn from Jewish life and experience. The Jews of yesterday greet us from the canvas as if there was no time barrier between them and us. The Alexander Gallery was established in 1974 in Israel. Alexander Virthaim, proprietor and manager of the gallery came to Israel from his native Munkach of the Carpathian Region. His Bney-Brak based gallery soon became renowned throughout Israel and indeed attracted visitors from all over the world.

Alexander has gathered together a select of established and award winning fine artists to create a high-end fine art gallery. At the gallery you can view an unparalleled collection of original oil paintings by artists as E. Flerova, A. Levin, V. Brindatch, V. Braginsky, B.Talko,M. Kalpin, S. Rothbort, I. Holtz, H. Weiss, B. Dubrov, Y.  Rosenshtein, U. Dvoik, F. Kulon and many others celebrating Jewish lifecycle events, Biblical imagery, Jewish history and the Land of Israel.

The Jewish culture reflected in their pictures creates a unique atmosphere and style of expression. The art gallery boasts valuable original oil paintings on various traditional Jewish topics and displays idiosyncratic nature of the spiritual life and culture of Jews which has preserved its originality through history.

Here you'll find the most varied selection of unique and distinctive creative artists spanning Jewish cultural diversity, who consider the phenomenon of the Jewish experience from enough different angles. In 2000 The Alexander Gallery has moved to Borough Park, the vibrant Jewish area of Brooklyn, New York with its treasure stock. Today The Alexander Gallery is an important center for Jewish art and is a popular venue for those whose passion is Judaic art.


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You also may call: +1 (718) 972-2306, or leave your phone below and we'll call you back as quickly as possible.


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