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Random Artwork
  » Oct 03, 2023  

Do you know that
Giclee is a term invented for the procedure of creating fine art prints through a digital supplier using inkjet printing. The word “Giclee”, which is based on the French word “gicleur” meaning “nozzle”, was originated by a printmaker named Jack Duganne.

It was created to represent inkjet based digital prints that were used as fine art and to distinguish the customary industrial “Iris proofs” from the fine art prints produced on those same kind of printers. Originally alotted for fine art prints produced on Iris printers with an operation invented early in the 1990’s, the term “Giclee” has since stood for any top quality inkjet print.
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  Alex Levin

Alex Levin "I found Jewish art to be the most significant teaching tradition Jews employ to explore and pass down their cultural and religious identity. As I let the paint go off of my brush, I am fully aware that I am carrying on an ancient tradition of the Jewish People.

Having the experience of living and creating Art in Israel brings a special meaning to me."

Born in 1975, Kiev, Ukraine.
At the age of six started painting and at twelve entered the Art Academy, graduating with many awards.
Immigrated to Israel in 1990.
Since 1992 has been studying with Professor Baruch Elron (Chairman of Israel Artist Association).

The main painting styles are Judaic and Realism.
Featuring a range of works in oil, acrylic, pencil, charcoal and tempera paints.

  • The majorities of the paintings are displayed in private and institutional collection and galleries of Israel, Belgium, USA, Australia and Russia and have been reproduced on the covers of the books and other printed materials.
  • Practicing the original manner of 16th century technique, which happens to be multilayered use of tempera and oil (no brush strokes).
    After serving 3 years in Israel Army, in 1997 entered the industrial and web design program, which was a great benefit for his artwork.
  • Since 1990 live in Israel and working as a full time freelance artist.

  • Tradition of Jewish Heritage is a collection of work of Jerusalem's holy Western Wall and it's surrounding religious neighborhood by Alex Levin, one of Israel's most talented and youngest celebrated artist. Through the strokes of his brush, Alex has captured the inhabitants of Jerusalem's ultra orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, Jewish Attributes and people at the Western Wall, one of Judaism most holy places...
  • Individually, his paintings are frozen in time and space moments but collectively they tell a compelling story about the struggles and triumph of the Jewish people.

    Major Exhibitions:

    1989 - KIEV, UKRAINE
    1993 - TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (Wine festival Rishon le Zion)
    1994 - NEW YORK, USA (ArtExpo)
    1997 - SIDNEY, AUSTRALIA (Avory Gallery)
    1998 - TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (Bitan Haomanim)
    1998 - AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND (ArtExpo)
    1999 - PARIS, FRANCE (Gal. le Parvis Saint Merri)
    1999 - HERZLIYA, ISRAEL (Vizo)
    2000 - LAS VEGAS, USA (ArtExpo)
    2000 - BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (Gallery Aigu)
    2001 - NEW YORK, USA (ArtExpo)
    2001 - BERN, SWITZERLAND (Galerie Marlyse Aebli)
    2001 - HAIFA, ISRAEL (Eshkol Pais)
    2002 - NEW YORK, USA (ArtExpo)
    2002 - TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (Offir Gallery)
    2003 - NEW YORK, USA (ArtExpo)
    2003 - SIDNEY, AUSTRALIA (Hamilton Art Gallery)
    2004 - NEW YORK, USA (ArtExpo)
    2004 - BROOKLYN, USA (Alexander Gallery (Ancient Tradition of Jewish Heritage))
    2005 - BROOKLYN, USA (Alexander Gallery (Jerusalem Revelations))
    2006 - NEW YORK, NY (Downtown by Philippe Starck, 23 Wall Street)

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